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Sorry I’m taken: Jalango denies Actress Sandra Dacha a kiss (Video)




Stivo’s Simple Boy Girlfriend Opens Up about Her Stepdad Defiling her



Stivo's Simple Boy girlfriend.Photo/context.

Kibra’s finest Stivo Simple Boy girlfriend,Pritty Vishenwa has shared her traumatizing upbringing on her youtube channel.

Sharing to her youtube channel,Pritty stated that her parents broke up and separated in 2012.Later on, her mother remarried in 2013 and things took a twist turn and became worse.

Pritty put out on her video how he was defiled by her stepdad leaving her traumatized.

His stepdad would wake up at 2 am and touch her inappropriately.She would scream and tell her mom but all fell on deaf ears.

She added,her stepdad would threaten her back in standard four in case she tells anyone of what he does.Pritty said she would go to her grandmother’s place and spend nights there.

Pritty disclosed to her mother on how her dad was defiling her.”She cried so much. She confronted my stepdad and he denied, claiming I was trying to break their marriage,” she recalled.

She added that her mother was so hardworking and would wash clothes for people to pay bills and provide for his husband and four kids.

One day Pritty confronted her stepdad why he was not helping his mother work and pay bills.His stepdad beat her.

Her mother decided to walk out of the draining marriage and left with her kids.

“That was the day I rested. I felt at peace. We started a new life and everything was okay despite my mom struggling,” she concluded.




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Rauka Host and Gospel Artiste Kambua Quits Citizen TV



Kambua on Rauka show.Photo/context.

The renowned artiste and entertainer left her fans stunned after disclosing she was hosting her final episode of the Rauka TV show.

She thanked everyone who was part of her success.She thanked all the Rauka audience for loving and welcoming her to their abodes.

Kambua also thanked the Royal Media Society for their continuing support including the chairman S. K. Macharia, managing director Wachira Waruru, her producers and those who also directed the show.

She thanked the studio crew who toured with her to minister at different places.She was also grateful to the security guards and her family members.

“I cannot fail to thank my family who have supported me, my husband Jackson, my son Nathaniel, who have allowed me to be away every Sunday morning thank you. My parents from both sides thank you, my siblings, my friends, I love you so much,” she said.

She has been  Rauka host for 12 years now and decided to quit.

The Bambika team, including Timeless Noel, DJ Gee Gee and Laura Karwirwa, also presented Kambua with farewell gifts, including a cake, painting and flowers.

Kambua was moved to tears as the Bambika team shared memories of her over the years.

Kambua said life was about seasons and she took a bow and said goodbye to everyone.


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Nairobi:PEFA Church To Be Sued Over Noise Pollution



Letter To PEFA church over Noise Pollution.Photo/context.

The Kenya Society has been receiving several complaints about noise pollution caused by PEFA church located in Saika,along Kangundo road.

The church was generating noise on Fridays nights during ‘keshas’ and sunday’s mornings.

On Saturday,January 15,the Kenya Society president,Harrison Mumia gave the church a 14 days ultimatum to reduce the noise.

The church was to face risk allegation failure to comply with the terms.

Bishop John Okinda and pastor Alex Wanyonyi received a letter from Atheists in Kenya Society.”The loud noise that emanates from ​PEFA​ church is intolerable to a lot of residents living near it,”it stated.

Earlier on,the non-believers wrote to National Environment Management Authority (NEMA),demanding closure of noisy places of worship.

The organization received a statement saying that Kenyans were complaining that the noise from places of worship were a nuisance to their peace especially at night.




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