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‘Wanakujanga tu’, Betty Kyallo says of men in her life



Betty Kyallo says her life is still perfect since she continues making her money; and later on – of course men will eventually start looking her way again. Actually her exact words were wanakujanga tu.

Well the former news anchor revealed this while responding to one of her fans who told her to find a new bae now that Ndeda is old news. The fan wrote;


FKF Transition Committee Independent Disciplinary Committee unveiled



The FKF Transition Committee has unveiled members of its Independent Disciplinary and Appeals Committee (IDAC).
Former Kenya Referees Association chairman GMT Ottieno, Kenya Football Coaches Association (Kefoca) Chairman John Bob Oyugi, former Kenyan international Josphat Murila, lawyer Bernard Murunga and ex-team manager of Harambee Starlets Asha Pili Ramadhan were named in the committee.

GMT Ottieno will chair the IDAC Committee.

The chairman of the FKF Transition Committee Justice (Rtd) Aaron Ringera appreciated the new members for heeding the call of their country in time of need.

“It is always a honour to be asked to serve your country in any capacity. By agreeing to take up this role, it means you value your country and ready to serve the game. I know also that you are all eminently qualified for your roles,” Justice (Rtd) Ringera said during the unveiling of the five-member IDAC.

Transition Referees Committee chairman Caesar Handa urged appointed members to conduct their activities with impartiality in line with world football governing body, FIFA standards.

“This is an able team of men and lady, who have got the necessary experience to do the right job, and I appeal to them to be professional in their undertakings during the pending cases and the remaining matches of the season,” he said.

Leagues and Competitions chairman Ali Amour praised the composition of the team saying it is an all-round committee.
“This is a balanced team comprising of a referee, coach, ex player, team manager and a sports legal expert who will offer consultancy services to the team. We are expecting our leagues to end on a high without any complaints from clubs, which are committed to honour their obligations,” said Amour.

Coach Oyugi was the brains behind tens of Kenyan sportsmen with academic acumen moving to the USA to study on sports sponsorships in a programme that started in 1997.

He said football world is bleeding today because of a shortage of leaders and emphasised on proper training of footballers to help them become effective leaders by giving them responsibilities beyond football career.

“Leadership is a skill that can be harnessed from an early age. Through football, we contribute to this by nurturing players’ hidden talents, recommend them to international learning institutions that enable them to socialise, build their confidence and self-esteem, besides the diversity and promotion of physical, emotional, mental and spiritual alertness,” concluded Oyugi.

The Independent Disciplinary Standing Committee is mandated to adjudicate disciplinary matters which are pending from the tenure of the FKF Caretaker Committee and, those which will arise during the mandate of the FKF Transition Committee in accordance with the FKF Constitution and the Rules and Regulations Governing Kenyan Football (2019).


1. GMT Ottieno

• One of the founders of Kenya Premier League Limited
• Former Kenya Referees Association chairman
• The Kenya Premier League head of technical services, safety and security
• Former Member of Sports Disputes Tribunal
• Former member, The league Independent Disciplinary and Appeals Committee (IDAC)

2.John Bob Oyugi

• Kenya Football Coaches Association (Kefoca) Chairman
• Veteran coach and brains behind tens of Kenyan sportsmen with academic acumen moving to the USA to study on sports sponsorships.
• Founder Edu Sports Academy project
• Former Gor Mahia and Harambee Stars defender

3.Josphat Murila

• Arguably the country’s best ever central defender.
• Achievements: 3 Premier League titles (1980,81,84); 3 CECAFA club titles (1981-83)
• The outstanding Kenyan player obtained 63 international caps with his National Team.

4.Asha Pili Ramadhan

• Former chairlady Kenya women premier league
• Ex-team Manager Harambee Starlets
• Representative of FKF South Coast branch
• ●Founder Beach soccer,Coach Ambassador of Hope

5. Bernard Munyefu Murunga

• Advocate of the High Court
• Lawyer
• Been involved in football administration for the past ten years
• Held various positions in different sports organizations and Committees during the period.

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Mejja’s ex should let him be!



Why can’t celebrated Kenyan singer Mejja’s ex just let him be? This is a question many Kenyans are asking themselves following her savage birthday wish to the Tabia Za Wakenya hit song star.

In December 2020 while being interviewed by Lynn Ngugi who was by then still working for media house Tuko, Mejja revealed to his fans and all those who were watching the interview that he had parted ways with his woman.

The said would later go on a ranting spree online accusing Mejja of not being responsible and living a lie.

“I wonder why Kenyans call that man Bazu (respected person), huyo ni Bazu wa udu! (He’s fake).” She posted online.

She further promised not to rest until Mejja paid for what he had done to her.

Many of those who came through the post were left in suspense as she never made it clear as to what the singer did to her.

In Bahati’s song dubbed Dear Ex, Mejja sings how he loved his woman, misses all the things they did together.

He further adds that her friends are to blame for their broken relationship.

He finishes by saying he still adores her, the son and even tells her to feel free, and get in touch anytime she’s having challenges.

Today, May 23 is a special day for Mejja.

The great man from Nyeri County is celebrating his birthday.

As usual, family and friends have taken to social media to wish him all the best as he turns a year older.

One notable birthday wish is from his ex.

Many would expect her to be at least courteous with the star on his special day but hasn’t been the case.

She has referred to mejja as an idiot on a post in Instagram and further maintained that she wishes him bad luck.

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“Weka fuel ya seventy thousand” granny is back again with another one (Video)



Do y’all remember the “Weka fuel ya seventy thousand” granny?

You must’ve come across the video that went viral.

When the woman was asked to say the amount of fuel she needed, she boldly ordered the pump jockey to fill the tank with KSh 70,000 fuel.

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The granny’s response made the attendant and his colleagues burst into laughter but she appeared completely not amused by the response.

She is back again and this time boarding a plane.

Watch the hilarious video below.


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