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Kenyans In the Diaspora Sent Home Ksh.422 Billion In 2021



Kenyans living abroad sent home a record Ksh.421.6 billion ($3.718 billion) last year, setting a new all-time record for the diaspora remittances across a single year.

Fresh data from the Central Bank of Kenya (CBK) shows the remittances grew by 20.2 per cent from Ksh.350.9 billion ($3.094 billion) in December 2020.

December saw the highest remittances in the 12 months cycle as Kenyans in the diaspora sent home Ksh.39.8 billion ($350.6 million) – a new monthly record for the forex flows.


Kenyan flying our flag high in Romania



A Kenyan has made our Nation proud by venturing into business in Romania. It’s for this reason that Citizen Witness sought to hear from her

“Am Dr Maria BAYERL, Kenyan born and raised , in Pangani, that was a good years ago. I went to State House Girls Highschool, this institution played a pivotal role in who i am today.

Fast forward finished my studies in Romania and also established my business here.

Am a wife , a mother, a sister and a mentor to many. Dr. Maria continues to tell us more about Herself.

I’m Kenyan, born and named Maria Othieno, through my beautiful marriage took on Bayerl and through my successful medic profession Doctor comes right in, so all that together, I am Doctor Maria Othieno.

Bayerl but you can call me Dr B. Iam also proudly The first woman of color to have established a successful medical facility in Eastern Europe – Bayerl Beauty Clinic.

CitizenWitness sought to know why she ventured abroad?

“I ventured abroad well because I assess and prove that I would without a doubt gain all he necessary intellect as a medic then be in a position to take and give back to my country when the time was right .

Venturing abroad academically and professionally as well was and is a wise investment as currently I am able to serve my local European and international clients with exquisite medical care.

I am grateful for the scholarship hat paved way for me to academically progress and professionally for all my residency and employers that took me in.”

Dr. Maria also shared her passion with us

“My passion as a medic is to create a haven in the medical aesthetics field that is welcoming to all: men, women, non binary gender fluid persons, provide health conscious cosmetic procedures and as well be a game changing employer as my clinic is now a source of employment for my current and to be employees as we grow.”

CitizenWitness also sought to know about her clinic in Bucharest?

Bayerl Beauty Clinic is a prayer answered, a dream come true really. Bayerl Beauty Clinic is born of tears, prayers, thoughts and capital invested in it.

I’ve always aimed to have a heaven on earth and that for me is my clinic. I am glad that I created and will get to serve people in such a serene place and I get to share it.

It is also the first medical clinic in Eastern Europe to be owned by a woman of color, a beautiful milestone I must say for me and the people around me.  

She advised young people who keep on saying there are no jobs to start small and keep focused.

“Well, with the current economic fluctuations and in whatever field a youth is in there could be lack of jobs.

However, to the young people, they could leverage themselves let’s say begin small medium sized enterprises and gain employment from the work of their hands for example farming if in a position to.

The youth could as well, not disregard or demean the not so white collar jobs.

The grass is green where you water it right? So be open to the internships, entry level positions that may seem to be not so in your league and grow from there if course the environment facilitates the same without harming you either mentally or physically.

As I know it may seem hard and some may have heard this a tone of time, young people don’t give up, it’s always the darkest when the sun is about to rise.

In conclusion this is her Word of advice

“Believe in yourself, Speak great things about yourself into existence and work towards them.

Me being right here, is because the younger me took a chance in herself, came and took on the study of medicine, never forgot the dreams of a younger me, prayed on them, showed up fully during my residency and professional work and from all my hard work, what was a dream is now a reality and I couldn’t be more happier.

Again, The world is your canvas so Believe, they call it manifest nowadays so Manifest (Speak and Pray) and Work towards that which you desire and want.  That is the greatest advice I could give

There’s a mantra I use that I could share, Failure…well Failure is not an option. Never has never will be. Heck! If a door closes, a window opens right up.

That right there keeps me going.”

From CitizenWitness Newsdesk we take this singular opportunity to wish Dr. Maria Bayerl success in all her endeavors..

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Stanbic Bank Supports Over 45,000 Women Entrepreneurs and Business To Access Funds



Nairobi, June 24, 2022Stanbic Bank Kenya has over the last three years impacted more than 45,000 women entrepreneurs by enhancing financial inclusion and providing innovative solutions which have enabled Dadas access Kshs 6.9 billion in lending.

The bank has additionally provided credit guarantee schemes to the tune of over Kshs 1 billion and over Kshs 40 million in grant funds.

Under the credit guarantee scheme, the bank is working with the African Guarantee Fund (AGF) and the Government of Kenya with discussions underway to engage other entities. On providing grants and catalytic funding, Stanbic Bank is collaborating with Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale ZusammenarbeitGmbH (GIZ) and United States African Development Foundation (USADF).

Stanbic Bank’s innovative financial solutions including digital lending, Unayo, M-Jeki and Stansure have been instrumental in increasing access to finance and relevant financial solutions for women business owners. The bank has also been providing digital cash advance and unsecured loans for women.

In order to support women with asset acquisition, Stanbic Bank provides 100% Vehicle Asset Financing (VAF) at discounted rates in partnership with select car dealers incorporating DADA specific auto insurance and a 60-day grace payment period. The bank also provides 105% mortgage financing with zero fees.

Speaking at DADA’s ’s 3rd Anniversary, a celebration of the milestones that have positively impacted women-led businesses through financial inclusion, the 4th President of the Republic of Malawi, H.E.Hon Dr. Joyce Banda commended Stanbic Bank’s commitment to invest in women’s economic empowerment as a step in the right direction as it contributes towards gender equality, poverty eradication and inclusive economic growth. Women, she added, make considerable contribution to economies whether in businesses, on farms, as entrepreneurs or employees.

“ It is paramount to continuously support programs which promote women’s ability to secure decent jobs, achieve financial freedom and accumulate assets which are key determinants of growth and development,” she said, while congratulating the bank for positively impacting and transforming the lives of women.

 The event held in Nairobi was also attended by Prof Margaret Kobia, EGH, Cabinet Secretary, Ministry of Public Service and Gender, Hon. Betty Maina, EGH, Cabinet Secretary Ministry of Industrialization, Trade and Enterprise Development, Ms. Anna Mutavati UN Women Country Representative, and Mr. Charles Mudiwa, Stanbic Bank Kenya Chief Executive.

Mr. Mudiwa said Stanbic Bank was honored to have had the opportunity to support women through its women banking solution, DADA (Dare to Aspire Dare to Achieve)

The bank is also currently working in partnership with the Ministry of Industrialization, Trade and Enterprise Development (MoITED) and County Governments to boost entrepreneurship, the employability of citizens through digital literacy and upskilling, career development, and provision of funds (grants) and access to job markets.

The partnership which came into force in early 2021 has helped women entrepreneurs, youth and differently-abled persons to recover from the negative economic impact brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Stanbic Bank is also a signatory of the Women Empowerment Principles (WEPS), reinforcing the institution’s unwavering support towards women.

The WEPs, established by the UN Global Compact and UN Women, are a set of standards that provide businesses with guidance on how to promote gender equality and women’s empowerment in the workplace, marketplace and community.

As an institution which is committed to being more than a provider of financial solutions, Stanbic is a catalyst for economic change and development of commercially sound ways to address environmental and social challenges, accelerating economic growth and human development, making  life better for communities.

With an objective  to create shared value benefiting society while achieving targeted financial returns, the bank’s strategic value drivers are a crucial implementing agent to effectively embed Social Economic and Environmental (SEE) considerations in the work it does.

Focusing on seven impact areas under the SEE, the bank has committed to several other voluntary global standards regarding responsible business practice, including the UN Principles for Responsible Banking, the Equator Principles, the UN Women He4She initiative, the Sourcing2Equal Kenya (S2E), the United Nations Sustainable Goals (UNSDGs) and the African Union’s Agenda 2063.

As a way of supporting women grow, the bank has been providing training and capacity building which have so far benefitted more than 17,000 women.

This has mainly been delivered through education and information platforms which cut across different industries as well as networking sessions with like-minded and seasoned entrepreneurs.

Further to this, Stanbic has conducted wellness sessions incorporating mental health and cancer screening, with more than 16,000 women receiving free cancer check-ups.

The event was also attended by key women entrepreneurs; Ms. Flora Mutahi, CEO Melvin, Marsh International Limited, Ms. Winnie Ngumi  Managing Director & CEO Space & Style, Ms. Pamela Makokha, CEO, Meditrust Hospital and Ms. Margaret Kamau, proprietor, Zarusa Trends who shared the entrepreneurial journeys, wins and lessons.



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Joseph Murimi: The Strength of a Giver



Dr. Joseph Murimi Nyambura is a transformative leader. He is the founder of Save A Life Organization.

Save A Life Organization is a registered non profit, non governmental and non ethnic organization in Kenya whose primary purpose is to transform lives positively.

It does so by seeking to offset medical bills and expenses for those who are impoverished and cannot afford to pay for their treatment and surgery.

So far 978 patients have been reached out to and treated. Save A Life Organization also seeks to transform the youth through skills impartation in photography, videography, filmaking and computer literacy with over 2600 young people trained already.

He has a training centerbased in Kahawa Wendani, Nairobi, Kenya. It also creates a safe space by encouraging conversations among the young people in issues affecting them and the society such as alcoholism, drug and substance abuse, teenage pregnancy, among others.

Joseph’s philanthropic work has been recognized widely. For instance, some of  his documentaries have been nominated thrice by the Kenya Film Commission for the award winning f  best documentary.

Even the president of Kenya His Excellency Uhuru Kenyatta has even chipped in and supported one of Save A Life’s patients.

Joseph has a Bachelor’s degree in Communication and Media Studies and a Master’s degree in Leadership.

He was awarded a honorary doctorate degree in humane letters because of his amazing humanity work, he is also studying a PhD in Business Global Leadership at the California Intercontinental University.

Joseph is a lecturer at the Pan Africa Christian University and also the senior studio technician at the same institution.

Joseph is a staunch born again Christian and says that our primary purpose here on earth is to serve, and that’s why he believes that service to humanity is service to God.

Joseph is married to Juliette and they’ve been blessed with three wonderfully children.

Joseph’s primary purpose in life is to ‘grow people with energy’ and to inspire them to unleash their potential.

He is very passionate about this as it gives him great pleasure when he sees them on their way to fulfill their dreams for self, their organizations and community at large.

The good Samaritan with a heart of gold has implored upon Kenyans to be Brother’s and sisters keeper. Mr Joseph Murimi, a philanthropist has extended hands to thousands of deserving Kenyans.

He terms his kind gesture as a calling from above.

“Giving is very fulfilling. When you give you feel good. And givers never lack,” the sharp, intelligent, industrious yet down-to-earth Joseph said.

Mr Joseph, who is personally a beneficiary of kind gestures, hasthrough partnerships and lobbying seen close to one thousand people benefit from healthcare which they could otherwise not have accessed.

For education he has assisted close to three thousand young people and linked them up with jobs.

He castigated those who are mean and stingy saying the world won’t be kind to them. “You attract what you are. A giver never lacks. If you quench someone, someone will in return quench you,” he said.

From CitizenWitness Newsdesk we wish Mr. Joseph Murimi success in his endeavours.

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