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Mejja’s ex should let him be!



Why can’t celebrated Kenyan singer Mejja’s ex just let him be? This is a question many Kenyans are asking themselves following her savage birthday wish to the Tabia Za Wakenya hit song star.

In December 2020 while being interviewed by Lynn Ngugi who was by then still working for media house Tuko, Mejja revealed to his fans and all those who were watching the interview that he had parted ways with his woman.

The said would later go on a ranting spree online accusing Mejja of not being responsible and living a lie.

“I wonder why Kenyans call that man Bazu (respected person), huyo ni Bazu wa udu! (He’s fake).” She posted online.

She further promised not to rest until Mejja paid for what he had done to her.

Many of those who came through the post were left in suspense as she never made it clear as to what the singer did to her.

In Bahati’s song dubbed Dear Ex, Mejja sings how he loved his woman, misses all the things they did together.

He further adds that her friends are to blame for their broken relationship.

He finishes by saying he still adores her, the son and even tells her to feel free, and get in touch anytime she’s having challenges.

Today, May 23 is a special day for Mejja.

The great man from Nyeri County is celebrating his birthday.

As usual, family and friends have taken to social media to wish him all the best as he turns a year older.

One notable birthday wish is from his ex.

Many would expect her to be at least courteous with the star on his special day but hasn’t been the case.

She has referred to mejja as an idiot on a post in Instagram and further maintained that she wishes him bad luck.

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No sex for the unmarried during Qatar 22 World Cup



Qatar has banned football players and fans from engaging in sex outside marriage during the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

People who break the law risk spending seven years in prison.

Traveling fans have also been told that although alcohol is legal in Qatar, it is strictly forbidden to consume it in public and it is also a crime to be drunk in public.


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Fans ask Shix Kapienga to get married after revealing she is single at 35 years



This was revealed after a concerned fan and follwer on her socials asked her whether it was true she turned 35 and was still single.

Is it true you turned 35 and still not married yet?

To which Shix Kapienga responded with a sarcastic question asking;

Surely, kwani kuna deadline ya kuolewa?

Still feeling unsatisfied by her response, another fan hit back once again by asking about Kapienga’s marriage plans since time is running out and the looks are also adjusting to the age.

The fan asked;

Are you married

Which she responded saying;

Eiiii pressure ya nini jameni?

Word has it that Shix Kapienga almost settled down with alleged ex lover MC Jessy who she had been dating a few years back. Rumor on the online streets was that the comedian dumped his wife for Kapienga – but after dating for a few months, unfortunately the relationship didn’t make it out alive.

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Thee Pluto and girlfriend Felicity celebrate anniversary



One of Kenya’s youngest celebrity couple Thee Pluto(Robert Ndefwa) and his exquisite girlfriend Felicity Shiru are celebrating one year of love today, June 24.


The two sweethearts took to their social media to share the exciting news with their fans; with Pluto stating that they’ve got each other’s backs through thick and thin.


”I knew you through safari rally event last year. A lot has happened since then. Sometimes I wonder how you put up with me, but then I remember that I put up with you too, so that makes us even. I love you! Happy Anniversary! @felicity_shiru
📸 @_mutemwa_”
YouTuber Thee Pluto & girlfriend Felicity back together months after  breakup [Video] | Pulselive Kenya
On the flipside, Felicity penned a short & sweet message as she wrote;
”Today, tomorrow, always
Happy anniversary to us!!❤️🥰

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